Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack, Cloud)

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API Development

Designed and Developed high-load mission-critical secure REST APIs with Hypermedia (HATEOAS) support, using NodeJS, JAX-RS, Jersey, OAuth 2.0.

Back-end Development

Created Back-end systems for large-scale distributed financial applications and AI services in NodeJS, Java EE (EJB, CDI, JAX-RS) and PHP.

Front-end Development

Created i18n/a11y-supported reactive UI for multiple services with React/Redux, JS/TS, JQuery, HTML, CSS, SASS, Ajax, JSF, Angular, Vue.

Cloud Architecture

Well experienced in designing & building scalable cloud architecture and creating application on cloud (IBM Cloud, AWS, GCP).


Created large-scale distributed data-platform to store Petabyte-scale medical/healthcare data containing PIIs.

AI / Machine Learning

Experience of creating the only AI lifecycle management service in the market. Jointly filed two patents in AI / Deep Learning.

Database Design

Designed and optimized multiple high-volume, high-QPS, relational and NoSQL database systems for financial services.

System Architecture

Created System Architecture for Log Analysis, Data Platform, Audit Platform, Email System, GeoSearching, Booking & Insurance Applications.

System Migration

Led complete re-design and development of mailing framework of an insurance service. Migrated multiple on-premise services to cloud.

Tech Skills

Java 8 Active
  • 10+ Years (in Java)
  • 10+ Projects (4 in Java 8)
  • APIs: Lambda, Stream, Date/Time, Function, Optional, Concurrency
NodeJS Active
  • 3+ Years
  • 2+ Projects
  • ES6/7, Express, Next.js, Webpack, Babel, Jest, Mocha, Grunt, Gulp
PHP 5 Past Experience
  • 5+ Years
  • 5+ Projects
  • Frameworks: Symfony 1/2,
    Zend, Joomla
RDBMS Past Experience
  • 5+ Years
  • 10+ Projects
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL,
    DB2, AWS Aurora
WebUI Active
  • 10+ Years
  • 15+ Projects
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, JQuery, Ajax,
    PrimeFaces, BootStrap
Others Active
  • 7+ Years
  • 5+ Projects
  • Linux sysad, Python, Go,
    Shell, jq, JMeter,


Rakuten Inc.

Oct., 2013 - Apr., 2016

Financial Services

DevOps Engineer & Architect
Jul., 2015 - Apr., 2016

Rakuten Card

Senior Application Engineer
Mar., 2015 - June, 2015

Rakuten Insurance

Application Engineer
Jan., 2014 - Feb., 2015

Certificates & Badges


Master of Technology

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Thesis: MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)
GPA: 9.5 / 10

Bachelor of Technology

West Bengal University of Technology

Major: Biotechnology
Specialization: Information Technology
GPA: 8.7 / 10



Received Manager's Choice Award twice @ IBM.
Nominated as the Most Impressive Person (MIP) at Rakuten twice within a year.


Won the Grand Prize for Web Application Development in Elsevier CodeForScience India 2012 Competition.
Won Best Concept Award for Elsevier CodeForScience India 2012 Competition.


Secured All India Rank of 2 in Graduate University Entrance Examination (GATE) 2011.
Secured Full Score (990) in TOEIC (2017)

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Edogawa-ku, Tokyo